Several facilities with different functionalities allowing for cutting edge research on nanostructured materials belong to the EPM group. Within our laboratories, we are able to perform

  • Synthesis of various kinds of materials, mainly nanocarbons, with the help of several custom-made furnaces under high vacuum conditions
  • Sample treatment: A state-of-the-art chemistry lab allowing sample treatment by ultrasound (bath or tip sonicator), ultracentrifugation (including a custom-made system for the semi-automatic extraction of liquid layers from a column), chemical agents (several fume hoods and two high quality gloveboxes), filtration systems, a high temperature high vacuum furnace (up to 1600°C and pressure < 10^-6 mBar). For more information on our sample processing capabilities, feel free to contact us.
  • A wide range of spectroscopic experiments, i.e.: Raman-, Optical Absorption-, Photoluminescence-, Ultraviolet and X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy, accompanied by Photoluminescence microscopy. For more details and additional experiments accessible by our cooperation partners, please visit the methods section