Low Dimensional Quantum Solids

Research Focus

We dedicate great part of our research to pristine carbon based molecular structures. We aim at understanding which parameters control their electronic structure before one starts to subsequently engineer their properties via different functionalization paths. The highlights of this work can be summarized in studies of:

Pristine Carbon Nanostructures

Functionalized Fullerenes and Heterofullerenes

Graphene and Graphite

Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Heteronanotubes

Electronic and Optical Properties

Our methods include:

  • Synthesis and treatment of nanostructures materials in home-built setups or in international cooperations
  • Photoemission-, Photoluminescence-, Optical Absorption-, and Raman spectroscopy to unravel electronic properties and structure
  • Experiments at large-scale facilities, e.g. Bessy II Synchrotron in Berlin, Germany, TEM/EELS in Tsukuba, Japan, PORTES in Vienna, Austria
  • In-Situ-measurements: Investigating the dependency of the properties of nanostructures materials with respect to parameters like temperature, doping concentration etc. in highly controlled environments while the experiments are running!