Our research focuses on investigations of electronic properties of various novel materials, i.e. physical quantities which are directly related to the response of the charge carriers on electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields. The experiments are interpreted on the basis of theoretical models and we look for contributions to fundamental science by exploring some very unusual features of novel materials. In a longer perspective we also consider aspects of practical and industrial applications.

Current research topics include investigations of the novel superconductors (cuprates and magnesium diboride), colossal magnetoresistance manganites, and silicon solar cells.

We measure resistivity, magnetoresistance, Hall effect, photoconductivity, infrared and visible light spectroscopy, microwave surface impedance and use low temperatures, high magnetic and electric fields. Ion irradiation of cuprate superconductors is investigated both from a fundamental viewpoint and as a very promising method to pattern thin films of cuprate superconductors on a nanometer-scale for an industrial production of novel electronic devices.

Other research in collaboration with industry is the quest for further enhancements of high-efficiency silicon solar cells using strategies motivated by the expertise from fundamental semiconductor science.

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