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Shiozawa, H, Pichler, T, Grüneis, A, Pfeiffer, R, Kuzmany, H, Liu, Z, Suenaga, K & Kataura, H 2008, 'A catalytic reaction inside a single-walled carbon nanotube', Advanced Materials, vol. 20, no. 8, pp. 1443-1449.

Bystrzejewski, M, Schönfelder, R, Cuniberti, G, Lange, H, Huczko, A, Gemming, T, Pichler, T, Büchner, B & Rümmeli, M 2008, 'Exposing Multiple Roles of H2O in High-Temperature Enhanced Carbon Nanotube Synthesis', Chemistry of Materials, vol. 20, no. 21, pp. 6586-6588.

Kramberger, C, Hambach, R, Giorgetti, C, Rümmeli, M, Knupfer, M, Fink, J, Büchner, B, Reining, L, Einarsson, E, Maruyama, S, Sottile, F, Hannewald, K, Olevano, V, Marinopoulos, AG & Pichler, T 2008, 'Linear plasmon dispersion in single-wall carbon nanotubes and the collective excitation spectrum of graphene', Physical Review Letters, vol. 100, 196803 .

Barreiro, A, Rurali, R, Hernandez, ER, Moser, J, Pichler, T, Forro, L & Bachtold, A 2008, 'Subnanometer motion of cargoes driven by thermal gradients along carbon nanotubes', Science, vol. 320, no. 5877, pp. 775-778.

Showing entries 40 - 44 out of 44