Acoustic and Electrical Diagnostics of Degradation in PV Cells and Mini-Modules

Viktor Schlosser, Manuel Serini, Michal Vary, Vladimir Saly, Juraj Packa, Marian Perny

The aim of this work was to find the possibility to estimate the influence of forced ageing on the properties of photovoltaic modules. We have measured sound velocities in crystalline silicon PV modules before and after forced ageing. The commercially available mini-modules consisted of three high efficiency c-Si cells connected in series. Investigation of electrical properties was performed also before and after accelerated ageing under increased temperature and PID. It was found that forced ageing strongly affects the sound velocity of the complete modules. It was shown that impedance spectroscopy measurement and characterization is an important tool to reveal the degradation of the solar cells due to high voltage stress and increased temperature stress.

Electronic Properties of Materials, Aerosol Physics and Environmental Physics
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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
103018 Materials physics, 103009 Solid state physics, 103020 Surface physics
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