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Wild, S, Fickert, M, Mitrovic, A, Lloret, V, Neiss, C, Vidal-Moya, JA, Rivero-Crespo, MÁ, Leyva-Pérez, A, Werbach, K, Peterlik, H, Grabau, M, Wittkämper, H, Papp, C, Steinrück, HP, Pichler, T, Görling, A, Hauke, F, Abellán, G & Hirsch, A 2019, 'Lattice Opening upon Bulk Reductive Covalent Functionalization of Black Phosphorus', Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol. 58, no. 17, pp. 5763-5768.


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Verbitskiy, NI, Fedorov, AV, Tresca, C, Profeta, G, Petaccia, L, Senkovskiy, BV, Usachov, DY, Vyalikh, DV, Yashina, LV, Eliseev, AA, Pichler, T & Grüneis, A 2016, 'Environmental control of electron-phonon coupling in barium doped graphene', 2D Materials, vol. 3, no. 4, 045003.

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Shi, L, Rohringer, P, Suenaga, K, Niimi, Y, Kotakoski, J, Meyer, JC, Peterlik, H, Wanko, M, Cahangirov, S, Rubio, A, Lapin, ZJ, Novotny, L, Ayala, P & Pichler, T 2016, 'Confined linear carbon chains as a route to bulk carbyne', Nature Materials, vol. 15, no. 6, pp. 634-639.


Verbitskiy, NI, Fedorov, AV, Profeta, G, Stroppa, A, Petaccia, L, Senkovskiy, B, Nefedov, A, Wöll, C, Usachov, DY, Vyalikh, DV, Yashina, LV, Eliseev, AA, Pichler, T & Grüneis, A 2015, 'Atomically precise semiconductor-graphene and hBN interfaces by Ge intercalation', Scientific Reports, vol. 5, 17700.

Yuan, K, Xu, Y, Uihlein, J, Brunklaus, G, Shi, L, Heiderhoff, R, Que, M, Forster, M, Chassé, T, Pichler, T, Riedl, T, Chen, Y & Scherf, U 2015, 'Straightforward Generation of Pillared, Microporous Graphene Frameworks for Use in Supercapacitors', Advanced Materials, vol. 27, no. 42, pp. 6714–6721.

Shiozawa, H, Briones Leon, JA, Domanov, O, Zechner, G, Sato, Y, Suenaga, K, Saito, T, Eisterer, M, Weschke, E, Lang, W, Peterlik, H & Pichler, T 2015, 'Nickel clusters embedded in carbon nanotubes as high performance magnets', Scientific Reports, vol. 5, 15033.

Showing entries 21 - 40 out of 57