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Singer, G, Siedlaczek, P, Sinn, G, Rennhofer, H, Micusik, M, Omastova, M, Unterlass, MM, Wendrinsky, J, Milotti, V, Fedi, F, Pichler, T & Lichtenegger, HC 2018, 'Acid Free Oxidation and Simple Dispersion Method of MWCNT for High-Performance CFRP', Nanomaterials, vol. 8, no. 11, 912.

Muangrat, W, Wongwiriyapan, W, Yordsri, V, Chobsilp, T, Inpaeng, S, Issro, C, Domanov, O, Ayala, P, Pichler, T & Shi, L 2018, 'Unravel the Active Site in Nitrogen‐Doped Double‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Sensor', physica status solidi (a), vol. 215, no. 13, 1800004.


Shi, L, Rohringer, P, Wanko, M, Rubio, A, Waßerroth, S, Reich, S, Cambré, S, Wenseleers, W, Ayala, P & Pichler, T 2017, 'Electronic band gaps of confined linear carbon chains ranging from polyyne to carbyne', Physical Review Materials, vol. 1, no. 7, 075601.

Showing entries 101 - 120 out of 367