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Pichler, Thomas Alexey Yu Ganin; 10.1.2018.
Shi, Lei Linear carbon chains: From polyyne to carbyne; 24.12.2017-26.12.2017.
Ayala, Paola Playground of nanocarbons from zero to three dimensions; 24.10.2017-27.10.2017.
Lang, Wolfgang COST Action CA16218 Kick-off meeting; 18.10.2017.
Fedi, Filippo From Stone Age to Nano Age; 14.9.2017-15.9.2017.
Ayala, Paola Functionalized carbon nanotubes towards applications; 20.8.2017-25.8.2017.
Berkmann, Claudia Report on the Situation of Women in Physics in Austria; 16.7.2017-20.7.2017.
Ayala, Paola Ricardo Montero; 8.5.2017-13.5.2017.
Ayala, Paola Yuval E. Yaish; 23.3.2017-24.3.2018.
Pichler, Thomas Stefan Wild; 20.2.2017-24.2.2017.
Pichler, Thomas Gonzalo Abellan; 13.2.2017-16.2.2017.
Pichler, Thomas Vicent Lloret Segura; 13.2.2017-24.2.2017.
Pichler, Thomas Valentina Montagna; 6.2.2017-12.2.2017.
Ayala, Paola Thomas Fischer; 16.12.2016-18.12.2016.
Ayala, Paola Ryosuke Senga; 13.12.2016-16.12.2016.
Ayala, Paola NT16; 7.8.2016-13.8.2016.
Ayala, Paola Hellmut Eckert; 18.7.2016-24.7.2016.
Ayala, Paola Andrea Camargo; 18.7.2016-24.7.2016.
Ayala, Paola Alexander Lopez; 1.4.2016-4.4.2016.
Lang, Wolfgang Supraleitung: Walzer der Elektronen; 22.2.2016.
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