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Effect of Thermodynamic Fluctuations on the Transport Properties in YBaCuO Thin Films

Authors/others:Lang, W.Heine, G.Jodlbauer, H.Schwab, P.Wang, X.Z.Bäuerle, D.
Abstract:Measurements of the electrical resistivity and the Hall effect in thin films of YBaCuO are reported. The films have been fabricated by pulsed laser deposition in oxygen atmosphere on MgO substrates. The rounding of the resistivity curve above T C was attributed to thermodynamic fluctuations of the superconducting order parameter and analyzed in terms of Aslamazov-Larkin and Maki-Thompson theories and their extensions for 2-dimensional, layered superconductors. These fluctuation contributions were also found near the superconducting transition of the Hall effect. From the results we deduce a c-axis coherence length ξC(0) = 1.5 Å and a phase-relaxation time τφ = 8.6 × 10−13 s at 100 K, indicating 2-dimensional transport and moderate strong pair-breaking in YBaCuO, respectively.
Number of pages:5
Date of publication:1993
Publication Series:Springer Series in Solid State Sciences, vol. 113,
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-84865-0_14
Publication Type:Chapter
Host publication's title:Electronic Properties of High-Tc Superconductors
Host publication's editors:Kuzmany, HansMehring, MichaelFink, Jörg
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