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Superconducting transition of high-Tc cuprates in a magnetic field

Authors/others:Lang, W.Gehringer, P. (Universität Wien) Stangl, E. (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz) Proyer, S. (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz)
Abstract:The influence of a magnetic field on the shape of the superconducting transitionis dramatically different in high temperature superconductors as compared toconventional superconductors. A consistent description of these unconventionalphenomena is crucial for the design of practical applications of the cupratesuperconductors. We report measurements of the superconducting transition inc-axis oriented TmBa2Cu3O7-δ and TmBaSrCu3O7-δ thin films In magnetlc fieldsup to 13 T, applied in the transverse (B||c) and longitudinal (B˪c) directions. Theupper part of the transition is dominated by critical order parameter fluctuationsand the characteristic "fan-shape" of the resistivity curves can be quantitativelydescribed by a recent anisotropic renormalized fluctuation theory.
Number of pages:8
Date of publication:1999
Publication Type:Chapter
Host publication's title:Science and Engineering of HTC Superconductivity
Host publication's editors:Vincenzini, P.
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