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The growth of new extended carbon nanophases from ferrocene inside single-walled carbon nanotubes

Authors/others:Kuzmany, HansShi, LeiKürti, Jenő (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest) Koltai, János (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest) Chuvilin, Andrey (CIC NanoGUNE) Saito, Takeshi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) Pichler, Thomas
Abstract:The Raman response of new structures grown after filling SWCNTs with ferrocene and transformation t moderate high temperatures is demonstrated to be very strong, even stronger than the response from the tubes. Transmission electron microscopy demonstrates that the new objects are flat and exhibit a structure similar to short fragments of nanoribbons. The growth process is controlled by two different activation energies for low and high transformation temperatures, respectively. Immediately after filling Raman pattern from a precursor molecule are detected. Two different types of nanoribbons were identified by selecting special laser energies for the Raman excitation. These ribbons have the signature of quaterrylene and terrylene, respectively.
Number of pages:7
Date of publication:1.8.2017
Journal title:Physica Status Solidi. Rapid Research Letters
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):https://doi.org/10.1002/pssr.201700158
Publication Type:Article
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