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The vortex Hall effect in superconductors

AbstractThe dissipative effect of vortex motion is almost omnipresent in superconductivity research and is commonly associated with a voltage drop along the current direction. It is not so evident that also a transverse voltage appears in this situation that resembles the Hall effect and is, thus, frequently called vortex Hall effect. Due to the complicated equation of motion of a vortex in a real system with pinning and other forces, and the even more subtle situation in a vortex ensemble, the vortex Hall effect is not well understood. In particular, in the copper-oxide superconductors, the Hall effect in the superconducting state exhibits several anomalies that are in contrast to conventional theoretical predictions. I shall review some of these puzzling effects that deserve further attention and research efforts.
RoleInvited speaker
ActivityTalk or oral contribution
Event9th International Conference on Vortex Matter in Nanostructured Superconductors (VORTEX IX)
Event TypeConference
Keywords:103033 Superconductivity, 103009 Solid state physics
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