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Prae-doc position

Open position for a prae-doc (PhD student) in the research field of superconductivity. Follow this link.

Our group searches for excellent candidates for:

- Diploma and Masters Thesis (Payment from project money possible)
- PhD Thesis 

Research Topics

  1. Synthesis and separation of single wall carbon nanotubes: Laserablation, CVD, density gradient separation: international Cooperation: 1-3 month in Japan!
  2. Functionalization and characterization of the structure and morphology.
  3. Optical properties:  Laboratory based optical Raman and and Flourescencespectroscopy
  4. Electronic structure: Analysis by high energy spectroscopy, also on Synchrotron facilities.
  5. Correllation effects and instabilities in 1D and 2D systems, (strong interaction with theory).


  1. Curiosity to explore the Unkonown!
  2. Motivation, flexibility, independence
  3. Studies of physics or material science completed with good marks.
  4. Capability of integration in a research team

Interest, Questions?
Prof. Thomas Pichler

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